New Mistake era New Mistake era Soda, freak shiek, outside of a New Mistake show at a pizza place in 1996 49651972 Soda/New Mistake somewhere in Queens NY 49651974 Chisto, myself and Mike (The Voice of Reason) - Nights like this only added to our local reputation 206058414 Mike (The Voice of Reason), Chisto, Soda...scarin' parents all over Long Island! 49651973 New Mistake shows were sexy parties 132501550 Love at first fright...Soda/Chisto 49743258 Soda & Chisto...hairy queens, this was taken at a Mall somewhere... 49651970 Pretty ugly. Soda/New Mistake 49997493 New Mistake logo 49651971 Soda/New Mistake/Polkadots 64290457 The SheMale days...somewhere in Queens before a NM show 64290719