Violet Daydream: 1996-2002 Violet Daydream: 1996-2002 The rats nest in action in NYC 50803477 Getting pretty B4 a show in Queens 49997737 The abusive side show - Violet Daydream 49654830 Soda, the future (was) so bright...VD era 49654829 Vin from Sponge holding our first record, and me w/a shit eatin' grin 49654828 Soda (Vox, Guitars, Noise), Leo (Drums, more Noise), Mike (Bass, BG Vox, and even more Noise)-This was a photo shoot for our second record, 2002 in NYC 49654831 VD photo shoot for "The Difficulty of Shape or Red" 2002, NYC 64291050 Soda, photo shoot for second VD album, 2002 49654832 Soda live @ Union Square Lounge on LI, NY (Mike actually kicked me down the stairs at this place, but during a different performance-absolutely awesome) 49654833