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ANNOUNCING MY NEW BAND!!! (E)motion Picture

Yep, that's right!!! I am sooo psyched to bring this to you guys, my new band (E)motion Picture.

I have not been so excited about making music since His Mighty Robot ended in 2010.

This is the official press release...


"(E)motion Picture is a brand new project featuring Soda (formerly of His Mighty Robot) and Terry (aka TT) (formerly of Autodrone) both of which have shared independent success with those projects and are very excited to combine what they have to offer into a special project overflowing with emotion and raw won't want to miss their live show."


"This promises to be a great endeavor and they plan on making big moves fast. Look for them starting late Feb./Mar. 2012"


So, there ya go...we have some great shows booked already and plan on blowing this year away. We are gonna have some awesome stickers, pins, and patches available at the shows too.


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