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Been a long time, too long!

Hello to those of you, anyone, who stops in here! I am WAY behind on handling my site. A number of behind the scenes hosting and billing things have occurred since my last update(s). I'm well aware and bummed out about the lack of, well, just about everything over here. I am on the case and it may take some time to still resolve. I'm active on my socials and my bands page. So, let's keep up there. Hope to get my site back up to the standards I uphold as soon as I can.

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New podcast interview up!

Check out this cool interview I did with The Witching Hour Podcast while on the road with my band, Coventry Carols

New Podcast interview for KIDS IN THE PIT

While on tour this month with my band, Coventry Carols. I was interviewed in Baltimore, MD outside of our show by KIDS IN THE PIT. Super fun. Check it out below.


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