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Being a Zombie...

Is hard work. Don't be fooled otherwise. Yesterday at the crack of dawn I had to be on site at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for Vinvent Lin's new Zombie movie "Chase Thompson." And yes, you guessed it. I spent the day being a zombie. It was pretty badass. Make-up was fun, and the make-up boy did a killer job of well, killing me. So, after about 5 hours on site we were done shooting the zombie stuff. Man, lemme tell you how sore I am from walking like a zombie for an extended period of time. No joke...I'm sore! Anyway, pictures from the shoot will be posted to the "miscellaneous" folder hopefully later today. It was a productive few days, the book signing on Saturday went great too (look for pics from that as well). So...looking forward to Sunday for my first Solo show in God knows how long, coupled with another book signing. Hope 2 c u.

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