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This past weeked was an incredible one, it was so good it needed it's own news blast.

Friday night got to hang with the boys from Ours and was asked to open for Free (Kidney Thieves) & Static (Ours) at their show the very next nite at CultureFix in NYC.

The show was amazing and an honor.

And Sunday night we did a great photoshoot courtesy of my good friend Bret at the great Salon No. 15, which happened to be right next to the venue from Saturday.

I wanted to also extened a huge thank you to everyone involved...

Jimmy, Static, Free, John, Peeps, William G. Salon, TT, Brianna and Salon No. 15, CultureFix, Bret...Beautiful times with beautiful and talented people. Thank you, thank you.

Below is a teaser shot from the photoshoot...

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