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(This was, word for word...the official news blast about HMR)




So, as the title states. Yes, it is true. His Mighty Robot is no longer. Today would have been our 7th year anniversary...instead it will be our farewell. A 7 year bitch if you will.


This band has had such a huge amount of success and I have seriously busted my ass to bring HMR to what it was. Although we have had a great time and many great things have happened over the course, HMR has always been plagued by tragedy and this past year proved to be the final nail in the coffin that I literally fought to keep open for this long.


I love this band, but it has exhausted me...mentally, physically, name it. I am happy to have had this adventure but am happy that it has come to an end. My devotion for it was vicious but when it comes down to it, how much can one person really take?


The official HMR site will be down as of Feb. but it has been updated to correspond with this email. The MySpace page will remain for however's still music people should hear. The music that I have made for the past music people should still hear!


The HMR CDs as well as a ton of other stuff is available on my official site, So please, keep spreading the craziness around. And speaking of the Soda site, that too has been revamped for 2010.


I could make this final HMR email very long but I'll keep it as is because we have nothing more to prove. Any one that has known this project, seen it, heard it, felt it, whatever, knew right out of the gate that this shit was real.


And for the other quick news. I am also retiring The Ghost Of Me. This was the name I performed under for the sparse solo shows over the past few years. I figure it is time to put this to bed as well. Any future solo gigs will just be under Soda. TGOM MySpace page will also be gone too.


Look for new tunes soon.


Here's to another year of surviving!

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