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Well...One of my Favorite releases from finally sold out!

Well...for those of you that know. I was in a band in the late 90's to early 00's called Violet Daydream. We released two records. The first of which was called MEOW, and that came out in 1999. This was a groundbreaking piece of work for myself and the rest of the band...we were very young and very crazy and this record almost got us a record deal. But alas, that story turned out to be a very sad one...Anyway, MEOW is finally completly Out Of Print. People tell me to this day that they still listen to that album and are inspired by it...that means more to me than they can know. So, if you have the VD stuff...hang onto it! We put out 3 releases and they are all very rare, MEOW actually being the least rare of the 3. Long live the tunes.

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