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February 13, 2003

Long Island Music Scene Internet Interview 2003

Long Island music fans might know Soda from his previous projects (Violet Daydream, A Boy Called Soda) and will be happy to know that Soda is ready to emerge on to the scene again with his promising new project known only as His Mighty Robot. Are you wondering what might be different this time around?

We recently met up with Soda at the delicatessen, and here's what happened! [LIMS]: Hi Soda!

[Soda]: Hey Tim, what's up? Thanks for interviewing me about my new stuff. All the help and exposure is great! Simply gorgeous!

[LIMS]: How did the name of your band come about, and does it have special meaning to you?

[Soda]: It's kinda funny really how the name came about. I was reading an issue of Time Out New York and totally misread what I was reading into "His Mighty Robot" I looked again and it was gone....the words that I was reading weren't even similar to what I had just read and I said to myself...."Well that's a fine name for a band." And there ya have it.

[LIMS]: As a veteran on the island of Long, enlighten our readers with some of your random thoughts on the scene here.

[Soda]: Random thoughts huh? I have been doing this for such a long time I have seen and done so many crazy things with my music and seen so many other super cool local acts. I just think it's great, whatever "scene" we have now. I think it has grown a lot too....the support is really important and that's why the Long Island Music Scene website is a really great thing. It's good to know you have people on your side.

[LIMS]: What is your favorite part about making music with Izzy?

[Soda]: Well, His Mighty Robot is brand new. I started it in Jan. 2003 so me and Izzy have been working together for a short time but lemme tall ya. I really like working with Iz because he is really enthusiastic and he brings a nice cool breeze with him, you know. It's refreshing. And he isn't afraid to try new things either.

LIMS]: We understand that you're looking to add a rhythm section. Is there a specific sound that you are hoping to achieve?

[Soda]: Yeah, I'm looking. I just want open-minded players who aren't afraid of something new....I also want a group of team players, people who really wanna get down to work and have some fun and make some fresh new bold music, real straight up!

[LIMS]: What's in store for all the His Mighty Robot fans in 2003?

[Soda]: A lot. Music, shows, goodies, hugs and kisses.

[LIMS]: How would you describe the sound and style of your music, to our readers, in your own words?

[Soda]: At's moody. A nice taste of emotion.....bright and dark. We have no specific sound. It is what it is. When people hear it they will understand. The music will stand on it's own 3 legs.

[LIMS]: Is there something you would like to see more of on the scene here, and why?

[Soda]: Just originality...people who know what and who they are. To hell with those "American Idols"...those people have no idea what it means to sweat. That's what I wanna see......sweat. I wanna see real people making real music. No more homemade superstars, in the oven for 10 mins. hot, cooled, eaten, and then gone.

[LIMS]: Give us a few pearls of wisdom for up-and-coming musicians who are trying to make a splash. What are some do's and dont's?

[Soda]: God, it's tough. Just do what you do.....stay true to yourself and your art. Just aim to please yourself and you should be alright.

[LIMS]: What are some of your favourite remedies for "writer's block"?

[Soda]: The whole spectrum of feeling......use your energy and channel what you have. Let it all flow, don't be scared to bare your soul. Sometimes you may even have to just sit back for a while and then maybe come back to what you wanna start, or finish for that matter. Just don't push. Don't write for the sake of writing.

[LIMS]: What are you thoughts on the recent Michael Jackson nonsense?

[Soda]: I don't know really....I guess I kinda feel bad for him really. I just think people should leave him alone and stop making mountains out of mole hills. Granted he has done some crazy shit but it seems like everytime he takes a step he's being some sort of freak. When you are as big a star as he is everything becomes something. Look at all the great things he has brought to music....don't bring up all the slip ups he's made and focus solely on that.

That is such garbage.

[LIMS]: Thanks Soda, see ya soon!

[Soda]: Thank you! I appreciate the interest...tell everyone to keep their eyes and ears peeled for His Mighty Robot! Ciao for now.

For more details about His Mighty Robot, and to learn about their upcoming projects, you can visit them at

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