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Photos (past/present.enjoy the ride)

Soda w/Coventry Carols on the "30 Sick Years Of Agony" tour  at Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ  3.11.23 


Soda w/Coventry Carols on the "30 Sick Years Of Agony" tour at Empire Live, Albany, NY 3.09.23

Photo:Steven J. Messina

Soda w/Coventry Carols on the "30 Sick Years Of Agony" tour at The Foundry, Cleveland, OH 3.25.23


Soda w/Coventry Carols on the "30 Sick Years Of Agony" tour at The Machine Shop, Flint, MI 3.18.23

Photo:Detroit DM73

Winter '22 promo shoot for Coventry Carols debut album 


Soda live w/Coventry Carols, May '22 at Amityville Music Hall, Amityville NY - Photo:Kate Fox

Promo for The Clay Universe clothing, Spring '22 


Soda live w/Coventry Carols, June 17th, '22 


Soda live w/NOX CULT, CD Release party for the "Fucking Live" EP, Mar. '16, at Blackthorn, Queens NY - 

Photo:Kitty Munster Photography 

Gotham TV Show '15, Frontman in Penguins bar band Season 1 - 

Screen grab:Mindy Lopkin

Tracking vocals for (E)motion Picture's "The Worth of a Heart" single, Brooklyn, NY '12 - 

Photo:Bret Scheinfeld

"Dirty Bitch" party, live w/(E)motion Picture, RBar, NYC '11 (I think) -  

Photo:Bret Scheinfeld

Singing some songs w/Nuno Bettencourt, North Attleboro Boston '04 

Photo:John P. Coogan

Working with German band, Lord of the Lost on their first U.S. Tour '14 - Photo:Vellum Magazine

Soda live w/(E)motion Picture at Bottega Art & Wine, Wilmington, NC '12 - Photo:Steph Dig-It

Soda and Fox live w/NOX CULT, Blackthorn, Queens NY '15 - 

Photo:Bret Scheinfeld

The unbelievable experience of working with Cree Summer - Soda's Crafty Chaos, at BoroughCon, St John's University, NY '17 

Photo:Kat Meow

Performing w/Spookey Ruben, House Show, Long Island, '19 - 

Photo: Big Mike

Very young, very hairy  w/New Mistake, somewhere on Long Island - 

Photo: Nat C.

"The Punishment Tour", somewhere in NC '15 - 

Photo:LeiLani Ink Photography

Message from Melora of Rasputina to moi 

Jan. '21 - 


Working on set of Gotham TV Series, Steiner Studios, Brooklyn NY '15

Working on new record at VuDu Studios, Port Jeff, NY June '21 - 

Photo:Sugar Bear

Soda on guitar for Acey Slade and the Dark Party Xmas Stimulate show, Drom NYC '13

Singing "Insatiable" with Darren Hayes at the Canal Room, NYC '07? 

Photo: Okie

Beginnings of a lifelong friendship w/Vin Dombrowski of Sponge (he is holding copies of my album "Meow" when I was in Violet Daydream) somewhere in NJ

Psychedelic Soda

Soda w/Justin Symbol on "The Punishment Tour", Emerson Theatre, Indianapolis, IN '15  

Photo:Erin Morris

"Burn" art show for Vellum Magazine, Far Rockaway, NY '14 - 

Photo:Vellum Magazine

"The Punishment Tour", The Warehouse, Houston TX '15 

On set in Long Beach, NY for film "I Am Michael" as a raver '15 


Soda's Crafty Chaos interview w/Fox Network at BoroughCon, St John's University, NY '17 


(E)motion Picture photoshoot, Salon No. 15, NYC '11 

Photo:Bret Scheinfeld

Soda live w/(E)motion Picture somewhere in Brooklyn - 


"The Punishment Tour", somewhere in Boston, MA '15 - 

Photo:Jordan Buford Photography

Working merch for Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick, Rockwood Music Hall, NYC '18

Soda w/Scarlet Cinema opening for White Trash, somewhere in CT 

The final NOX CULT photo shoot for unreleased studio album '16 - 

Photo:Bret Scheinfeld

Working with legendary voiceover artist, Larry Kenney at CradleCon on Long Island '18, what an honor

(E)motion Picture w/Ours, Culture Fix, NYC so great running in the same circles with these gentlemen '12

Soda w/the short lived Scarlet Cinema, final show, Mr. Beery's, Long Island, NY '10

On set for "Chase Thompson", Brooklyn Navy Yard '10

Doing an episode of the MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE Podcast, Fall '19 - 


Signing one of the first copies of my book, "The Wizard of Odd" at the release party at Pisces Cafe, Babylon Village, NY '09

"Starting Small" art show feature at Central Booking, NYC  '15 - 

Photo:Vellum Magazine

Photoshoot for our album "The Conflict" when I was in His Mighty Robot '06, Astoria, NY - 

Photo:Christine Austin

Photoshoot for our album "The Difficulty of Shape or Red" when I was in Violet Daydream, NYC '02

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