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Soda's Crafty Chaos

Started in late 2015, SODA'S CRAFTY CHAOS was a small gift idea that snowballed. Pop Culture style candles all one of a kind, Prints, Paintings, Photos, Art and beyond. *Also featured on MeTV's Svengoolie! Any special order(s) can be furnished. Email for details. Look for SODA at Toy, Comic and Craft Shows (some creations/experiences below)

Another piece of art featured on Svengoolie -  Sven/Kerwyn mash-up - 12.17.22 "The Invisible Agent"

Cover of my bands record I shot, then digitally manipulated

"Moth" digital photo

Halloweencentric doodle

"High Tension" digital photo

Nuno Bettencourt with his LiVE WEiRD DiE WEiRD pin set

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. being hand-delivered his commemorative Jellyfish pins backstage at MSG in NYC

Sven on Svengoolie show debuting his Soda's Crafty Chaos candle

Demon Boy with Soda at a Crafty Chaos show on Long Island

Soda doodles on 1 inch pins

LiVE WEiRD DiE WEiRD enamel pins

My first enamel pin release, a tribute to my fave band, Jellyfish

NBX Jack doodle

TMNT candle set front (good guys)

TMNT candle set back (bad guys)

The Lost Boys double light switch cover

Sadartha band drawing

A Nightmare on Elmstreet candle

Modded Prince coat

The Bride of Frankenstein candle

The Legend of Zelda light switch cover

"School's Out Forever" digital photo

"Original Gangsters"/GoBots doodle

"Star Therapy" doodle

"Glitch #3" digital art

"Color Chaos 4" digital art

American Dad pin set

Rude Dog and the Dweebs candle

"Deceiver" digital photo

The Munsters candle

She-Ra candle

My Bloody Valentine light switch cover

Jellyfish "Bellybutton" doodle

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