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December 15, 2006

Aural Fix Communique Magazine (NY)-Vol. 6, Issue 12, Dec. '06

We are featured in the December 2006 issue of Aural Fix Communique Magazine which is out now. It is distributed throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens, and NYC. We are on page 5 with a review of our cd release party for our new record, THE CONFLICT.

We are cited as..."Adventurous, daring, and even experimental..."

Soda is also on the cover in the bottom left panel accompanied by main photo of Pretty Girls Make Graves.

December 5, 2006 (UK) Reviews "The Conflict"

His Mighty Robot presents: The Conflict. BY Dom Smith,

A "concept" album is something I have never understood…I mean I just love good quality progressive music, and fortunately that's what this album from New York trio His Mighty Robot, has in abundance. Of course it's not for everyone and lengthy songs can test the patience, but this (although a lot softer,) would give Maynard James Keenan's lot (Tool) a nice run for their money if you want to talk "epic" and "thought-provoking" musical exploration.

The album is set in 3 different movements, taking the listener through a story, epic songs, key changes, pauses that both frustrate and delight and some quality sounds: "The Pursuit Of Happiness, The Conflict & The Death". I urge you to research this band more, as a near 600 word review won't do the music; the artwork and the "mood" of this record any kind of justice.

"Connection of fingers" is a nice introduction to the album a beautiful "indie" effort concentrating on melodic male and seductive female vocals and intricate guitar, leading into the more powerful "The Cliche." A heavier effort (and standout for the record,) that screams of classic experimental influence of The Pixies.

Indeed, the beautiful lyrics combined with un-predictable chords that are trademark of the legends inhabit this album throughout: "My pursuit of happiness I want to find it, but the razors cut my fingers each time I reach into my pocket." Clever lyrics conjure images and a story forms from that.

This band make sophisticated and varied songs that remind us of the true remit of "experimental music," to challenge the audiences perceptions of what music can communicate through great musicianship and time..

"Starlite Broken" conjures images of your darkest nightmares in musical form with some exciting sounds that serve to tease your senses, reassuring you with steady drums but "breaking away" with erratic guitar "waves." This is followed by "Embrace", drums take the back seat while the two vocalists take up conversation perhaps reflecting on the trials of celebrity culture on the youth of today?: "I want to be a star…but I cannot embrace." One for your thoughts dear readers, there's also some nice solos at the conclusion of this effort that will make any serious guitarist melt with antici-----pation.

"The Condemned" is simply the darkest "spoken-word," minute long song I have ever heard, I haven't heard a lot of them…but the point is, it's dark and it works with the narrative flow. This leads into the wonderful acoustic effort "Your Body As A Crucifix." Female Vox "H-rocker" and male lead "Soda" again work well together on this effort, changing tempo and tone, proving that "progressive" rock can be minimalist and really catchy at the same time.

"Sad Boy," again is a simple but good effort, some "flash" guitar work and heavy rhythm juxtaposed with the angelic vocals of "H" and the "emotionally charged" solid qualities of "Soda's" voice emote our sympathy for the character that the song is cantered around.

HMR are a complicated band. They blend relaxed easy listening with chaotic and rampant pace in their music to create a great record that speaks to an audience who will really listen and really want to. This is not for the faint of heart, if you love music, if your heart is held together by guitar strings, and these strings go insane when you hear the opening to The Pixies - "Monkey's Gone To Heaven" then check these guys out. If not, give them a listen anyway, it's not one type of music, it's acoustic, its rock, its emotional, it's not a damn genre, it's good.


For Fans of: The Cure, Dashboard Confessional, The Mars Volta.

December 4, 2006

HMR on Twisted Television (LI, NY) (Public Access)

TWISTED TELEVISION covers HMR's listening party for THE CONFLICT. They ran an interview with the band and a live performance of song, The Trobled Mind Of You. The program ran throughout the month of December on Channel 115 Mon. nights @ 11:ooPM (woodbury cablevision) and every Tues Night @ 12:ooAM on channel 20 (hauppauge cablevision) these two channels together cover most of western Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

September 2006

Poem "So Much Like an Old Friend" published in Poetry Compilation Timeless Voices

July 14, 2006

HMR Live interview/performance on Radio X 94.7, 94.9, 104.5 FM (LI, NY)

HMR was on RadioX. They gave an interview and also had the distinction of being the first band to perform on the show, performing The Cliche from the upcoming full length CD. Radio X also debuted a track from the upcoming full length CD.

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