"The future of Rock and Roll" - Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme/Rihanna, guitarist/songwriter/producer)
"Inspirational" - Sophie B. Hawkins (singer/songwriter)
"Naked and Confessional" - Hawksley Workman (Mounties, singer/songwriter/producer)
"In my heart" - Spookey Ruben (Hi-Hat Records, singer/songwriter/producer)
"Church" - Vellum Magazine (International magazine)
"A Legend" - D.A. (Shinobi Ninja, singer/songwriter/producer)
"One of the most important alternative artists of our time" - Chisto (author)
"One of a kind" - Michael Hovsepian (P.T. Grimm, songwriter)

To use the word dedication would be an understatement. Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Performer, Writer, Promoter, Artist... (you get it). 

Soda began this path at a very young age with a harsh dedication that most of his peers could not comprehend, instantly pushing him into every front person role of every project he has been a part of, and, at times, referred to as a visionary. 

Years of hard work, pain, struggle, small successes and still in the game as the person he created and decided to be --->Soda.

Production deals, international chart success, movie soundtracks, roles in film/tv, endless live shows. All coupled with tragedy, suicide, band member deaths, label rejection, venue disrespect. A shell was hardened and built as a tank to fight in this war.

Virtually still mostly an underground artist after all this time you question the so-called world of "entertainment". "How could you let this one get away" kind of deal. And it is truly a mystery.

*Recently released a new (and strange) solo recording on Friday the 13th October 2017 while writing and working on "Soda's Crafty Chaos" and MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE      Also sometimes hired gun: Spookey Ruben, Acey Slade, Justin Symbol, Vehicles Of Light -  and sometimes merch slinger: Jason Bieler, Lord Of The Lost, Shinobi Ninja, Spookey Ruben.



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