"The future of Rock and Roll" - Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme/Rihanna, guitarist/songwriter/producer)
"Inspirational" - Sophie B. Hawkins (singer/songwriter)
"Naked and Confessional" - Hawksley Workman (Mounties, singer/songwriter/producer)
"In my heart" - Spookey Ruben (Hi-Hat Records, singer/songwriter/producer)
"Church" - Vellum Magazine (International magazine)
"A Legend" - D.A. (Shinobi Ninja, singer/songwriter/producer)
"One of the most important alternative artists of our time" - Chisto (author)
"One of a kind" - Michael Hovsepian (P.T. Grimm, songwriter)

To use the word dedication would be an understatement. Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Performer, Writer, Promoter, Artist...whatever, the list goes on. 

Soda began this path at a very young age with a harsh dedication that most of his peers could not comprehend, instantly pushing him into every front person role of every project he has been a part of, and, at times, referred to as a visionary. 

Years of hard work, pain, struggle, small successes and still in the game as the person he created and decided to be, Soda.

Production deals, international chart success, movie soundtracks, roles in film/tv, endless live shows. All coupled with tragedy, suicide, drug overdoses, label rejection, venue disrespect. A shell was hardened and built as a tank to fight in this war.

Virtually still mostly an underground artist after all this time you question the so-called world of "entertainment". "How could you let this one get away" kind of deal. And it is truly a mystery.

Recently released a new (and strange) solo recording on Friday the 13th October 2017 while writing and working on "Soda's Crafty Chaos" and MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE - And also sometimes hired gun: Acey Slade, Justin Symbol, Vehicles Of Light and sometimes merch slinger: Jason Bieler, Lord Of The Lost, Shinobi Ninja, Spookey Ruben.



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