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Releases (oldies to newies)


(1994, Independent)

Cassette Only, Out Of Print

1-Sodium Recovery, 2-Reflections,

3-Basement, 4-I Shot The Ham,

5-Live With Me, 6-Teenage Waste, 7-Cry For Them, 

8-Nirvana Medley (Tribute)

Violet Daydream-Violet Daydream

(1998, Nanamoo Records)

Cassette Only, Out Of Print

1-Flower Blooms, Decays, Then Gone, 2-Tired,

3-Pond Swamp, 4-Otherside

Violet Daydream-Meow

(1999, Independent)

CD Only, Out Of Print

1-Falsity Is Purity, 2-Taste, 3-Sucker,

4-(Unlisted Track),

5-A Certain Chemical, 6-(Unlisted Track),

7-Through A Forest, Up A Hill, Into A Dark Room, 

8-(Unlisted Track),

9-(Unlisted Track), 10-(Unlisted Track), 


A Boy Called Soda- "it always rains when you walk home" 

(2001, Melancholy Kid Records)

CD Only

1-Never B Whole, 2-Gabriel, 3-Bottomless Boy,

4-Sunday 4 Sadness, 5-Goodbye

Violet Daydream-The Difficulty of Shape or Red

(2002, Independent)

CD Only, Out Of Print

1-D.N.A., 2-Connecting The Wires of Beauty,

3-Only Daze,

4-Insects, 5-Number, 6-Envy

In A Frame

(2003, Sapphire Publications)

Paperback, Limited Run, Out Of Print 

One Last November-One Last November

(2004, Independent)

CD Only

1-Reason Why, 2-Feel To Suffer,

3-Out On Me, 4-Buried

His Mighty Robot-His Mighty Robot

(2004, Independent)

CD Only, Limited Edition, 100 copies signed and numbered

1-Birth (Unmastered Version),

2-To Flourish, To Burn (Unmastered Version)

His Mighty Robot-Open Your Mind

(2005, Independent)

CD Only

1-Birth, 2-To Flourish, To Burn,

3-The Troubled Mind of You, 4-All Faces Will Fade

His Mighty Robot-Prelude to The Conflict

(2006, Independent)

CD Only, Limited Edition, 80 copies signed and numbered

1-The Cliche, 2-Starlite Broken,

3-Birth (Radio Edit)

His Mighty Robot-The Conflict

(2006, Independent)

CD Only

1-Connection Of Fingers, 2-The Cliche,

3-Starlite Broken, 4-Embrace,

5-Yourself, 6-The Conflict,

7-Snow Angel Girl & Blue Flame Boy,

8-The Condemned 9-Your Body As A Crucifix,

10-Play Pretend,

11-Sad Boy, 12-Connection Of Fingers (Reprise)  

His Mighty Robot-The Conflict: 

Limited Edition

(2009, Independent)

CD Only, 10 copies

Includes: -Original Version of The Conflict in hand painted red glitter case numbered & signed,

-Updated sheet of additional liner notes,

-Autographed booklet by the 3 members of HMR from The Conflict,

-The Conflict Postcard,

-Exclusive The Conflict sticker & button,

-Comes in hand made, safety pined black cloth sleeve

The Wizard Of Odd

(2009, Llumina Press)

Paperback, Out of Print

Soda-La Coleccion De Fantasia

(2011, Independent)

CD Only, Out Of Print

1-The Cliche, 2-Gabriel, 3-A Certain Chemical,

4-Reason Why, 5-Sucker,

6-Never B Whole, 7-Birth, 8-Out On Me,

9-Connection Of Fingers,

10-Envy, 11-Tribute (Demo)

(E)motion Picture-The Worth Of A Heart (Single)

(2012, Independent)

Digital Only

1-The Worth Of A Heart,

2-This Sinking Ship (Demo),

3-The Worth Of A Heart (Radio Edit)

NOX CULT-Fucking Live EP

(2015, Independent)

CD Only

1-Elephant, 2-Maniacs, 3-Unpopular Kids,

4-NOX CULT Message

Soda-Rarity Clarity:A Collection

(2014, Independent)

CD Only

1-Hard To Believe (One Last November 2004),

2-All The Fires Burn - Demo 2011,

3-Taste - Michael Violet Remix

(Violet Daydream 2000),

4-Alone On Christmas (His Mighty Robot 2008),

5-A Certain Chemical - Raw Rehearsal Demo (Scarlet Cinema 2010),

6-Radio X "Pop" (His Mighty Robot 2006),

7-The Great Lost Cause - Demo 2011,

8-The Worth Of A Heart - Rough/Unmixed Alternate Version ((E)motion Picture 2012),

9-Play Pretend - Live Dave's Gone By Radio Show 3/31/05 (His Mighty Robot 2005),

10-The Troubled Mind Of You - No Vocal Mix (His Mighty Robot 2005),

11-Sucker - Live CBGB's 2000 (Violet Daydream 2000),

12-Never Be Whole - Demo 2011, 13-Radio X "Metal" (His Mighty Robot 2006),

14-Fairytale - Demo 2011,

15-Through A Forest - Raw Rehearsal Demo (Scarlet Cinema 2010),

16-Birth - Live Dave's Gone By Radio Show 3/31/05 (His Mighty Robot 2005),

17-Sucker - Clean Edit (Violet Daydream 1999),

18-Drowning In A Sea Of Circuitry - Live Room Recording (His Mighty Robot 2009)

19-Out On Me - Live Dave's Gone By Radio Show 6/3/04 (One Last November 2004), 20-Birth - Unfinished Version (His Mighty Robot 2005)

Soda-Therapy Sessions:

An Experiment In Sound and Word

(2017, Independent)

Limited Edition CD Only,

20 copies signed and numbered

1-A Beginning, 2-Inspire.Inspired.Inspirational., 3-4P, 4-A Thousand Pieces of You,

5-Here I Stand Before You, 6-Interlude,

7-I Am A Haunted House, 8-Deep Sleep,

9-An Ending 

Soda-Live On Ambush Radio

(2020, Independent)

Bandcamp Exclusive, Digital Only

1-Out Of Body Experience, 2-The Well

3-Deep Sleep, 4- The Empathy Courier (Spoken Word),

5-Tribute, 6-Me and a Gun (Tori Amos Cover)

Soda-Shut-In Sessions

(2020, Leesta Vall Sound Recordings)

Limited Edition direct to Vinyl special order, Vinyl Only

(*One song only, chosen by purchaser)

Song options:

1-Never Be Whole, 2-Goodbye, 3-Tribute,

4-Deep Sleep, 5-Out Of Body Experience,

6-Anxiety Flowers

Violet Daydream-Meow (Edited Version)

(2021, Independent)

Bandcamp Exclusive, Digital Only

1-Falsity Is Purity, 2-Taste (Clean), 3-Sucker (Clean),

4-A Certain Chemical (Radio Edit),

5-Through A Forest... 6-Iodine

7-Taste-Michael Violet Remix (Bonus Track)

Coventry Carols-The Well (Single)

(2022, Independent)

Digital Only

1-The Well - Album Version,

 2-The Well - Instrumental Version,

3-The Well - Joey Z "Hot Glue" Mix,

4-The Well - Acoustic Live On Ambush Radio

Coventry Carols-Coventry Carols

(2022, Rescord)

CD and Limited Edition Cassette

1-Grace, 2-The Well, 3-Out Of Body Experience

4-Medication Is Expensive, 5-This Serenade

6-Far, Farthest, 7-Anxiety Flowers, 8-Days

Coventry Carols - The instrumentals

(2022, Independent)

Digital Only

1-Grace (Instrumental), 2-The Well (Instrumental), 3-Out Of Body Experience (Instrumental)

4-Medication Is Expensive (Instrumental), 

5-This Serenade (Instrumental),

6-Far, Farthest (Instrumental), 

7-Anxiety Flowers (Instrumental), 

8-Days (Instrumental)


Oasis Alternative Volume VII #9 (2005)

CD Only

Featuring the song


from His Mighty Robot

See & Be Scene Music And Arts Sampler Vol. 1 (2006)

CD Only, Out Of Print

Featuring the song


from His Mighty Robot

Oasis Alternative Vol. VI #9 (2007)

CD Only

Featuring the song

"Connection Of Fingers"

from His Mighty Robot

Juggling Gypsy Music Sampler '07 (2008)

CD Only, Out Of Print

Featuring the song

"Starlite Broken"

from His Mighty Robot

Back Soon Soundtrack (2008)

Digital Only

Featuring the song

"To Flourish, To Burn"

from His Mighty Robot

3-Day Weekend Soundtrack (2008)

Digital Only

Featuring the song

"The Conflict"

from His Mighty Robot

S.L.A.M.! Music Scene-

New Music Apocalypse Vol. 2

Download Card (2013)

Featuring the song

"The Worth Of A Heart"

from (e)motion picture

Oasis Alternative Volume XV #1 (2015)

CD Only

Featuring the song

"Never Be Whole"

from Soda

Road Rat Records Volume 1 (2020)

CD Only

Featuring the song



Nocturnal Sirens Publishing - Post Apocalipstick anthology  (2021)

Featuring the story

"MY Apocalypse"

from Jon Soda James

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