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September 16th, 2010

Soda Interviewed by Kai Strand of Strands of Thought

September 15th, 2010

A new childrens story that I have written has been accepted into the website. It is entitled "The Pumpkin and the Witch" and will be posted for an entire year!

Sept./Oct. 2010

Full Page Feature in Dream Chasers Magazine, Issue 3, Volume 9, Sept./Oct. 2010 Issue: (Page 19)

February 2010

"The Wizard Of Odd" review in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, February 2010 Issue:

The Wizard of Odd by Soda

This is the first book by Soda, who has written for this

magazine before and is now branching out. Though the

title sounds familiar, it is a unique story that is perfect for

young adults.

It begins with Donovan Bale, a normal kid ready to go

on vacation with his parents. While on the plane,

something goes wrong and the next thing Donovan knows,

he wakes up in a strange land with pink and blue people,

bright colors and clouds for the ground. He is chosen to go

on a quest to resuce the wizard from an evil witch bent on

taking over the world.

With his new friends and his stuffed bunny who is alive

in this world, they set out on the journey that maybe no one

will come back from. Will Donovan step up and help save the world even though he is only a kid and dealing with his own loss?

Soda tells a nice story that is perfect for the young adult. It moves quickly and while it does have it share of scares and thrills, it is appropriate for all ages. It has important lessons and the characters are interesting enough for kids to enjoy. Even though this is targeted for young readers, I believe that anyone will consider this a good read.  

January 19th, 2010

Angry Angel Arts & Entertainment gave "The Wizard Of Odd" a stellar review:

Book Review: "The Wizard of Odd" by Soda

$12.95 // Llumina Press //

A witch. A wizard. A young boy, mourning the loss of his parents, who transforms his grief into courage to save a city in the clouds. Though the coming-of-age journey young Donovan Bale undertakes is reminiscent of Wonderland's Alice or Oz's Dorothy, author Soda makes sure it's fresh and different in all the right places, making "The Wizard of Odd" an endearingly sweet read.

"The Wizard of Odd" develops themes of childhood wonder and unquestioning belief in right versus wrong, almost as if a wise child himself were crafting the story. Donovan and his friends are quick-thinking and lucky, yet vulnerable enough to feel real. A few twists at the end make for an overall enjoyable story that children and adults of all ages can enjoy.

The piercing purity of the entire story is a reflection on the heart of its author. Soda is an artist through and through, able to breathe beauty into life whether with music or prose -- a rare ability. "The Wizard of Odd" is certainly a triumph that will leave the reader looking forward to more from multitalented Soda.

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